Top 5 Reasons for Regular Oil Change

If you are one of those vehicle owners that always put off their oil change, it’s high time you let go of this habit. Ignoring engine oil change is one of the most common, yet most damaging mistakes that car owners make. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should always prioritize regular oil change for your car.

Improved Engine Performance

Dirt, debris, and other particles accumulate in the engine over time. This builds up into sludge if you don’t change your oil regularly, severely slowing down your engine and, in extreme cases, even causing severe damage. Besides, fresh oil keeps the different parts of the engine well-lubricated, resulting in lower friction between them. This reduces the amount of heat produced by the engine.  

Longer Engine Life 

It’s a no brainer that if your engine is well-maintained, it will be able to function at peak performance for a prolonged period of time. This means that each time you have your oil changed, you are adding months and even years to your car’s lifespan. When the different engine parts are lubricated and protected, they become more immune to regular wear and tear and can lasts for generations. 

Increased Gas Mileage 

One of the least known benefits of a regular oil change is better gas mileage. How does changing your oil affect fuel economy? Well, fresh oil ensures that there is little to no friction between engine parts, which, in turn, enables the engine to run much more efficiently with maximum gas mileage. 

Reduced Emission of Harmful Toxins

Grimy, old oil with lots of dirt and debris build-up is no friend of the environment because it results in the release of harmful engine emissions through your car’s exhaust. If you want to be more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint, a regular oil change is the way to go. 

Opportunity for General Check-up

Finally, when you go for your oil change, you can also ask the mechanic to give your car a quick look to see if there is anything that needs work. It is a great opportunity for a quick peek under the hood. 

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