How Does Kia Lane Keep Assist System Work?

Check out the Kia Lane Keeping Assist or LKA at the Deacon Jones Kia dealership in Goldsboro, NC. It is a high-tech, driver help feature that will enhance your convenience and safety while driving. The Lane Keep Assist System, in particular, will help drivers stay focused in their lane, even when they lose their concentration. The program prevents accidents from occurring by alerting drivers and guiding the vehicle’s steering capabilities through sensors. These are capable of detecting when the vehicle veers from its present lane.

Here’s how the Kia Lane Keep Assist works:

What does it do?

The LKA feature is available on most Deacon Jones Kia models. LKA will help you return to your current lane before you drift out. This will prevent head-on collisions.


LKA relies on the painted lane markers on roads in order to operate. This also includes lane markings along the road’s edges and in between lanes. In a few versions of LKA, it will also prevent you from steering off the road. There are also front view cameras that monitor whether the turn indicators are activated.

What does the driver need to do?

While driving, be sure to keep an eye on your surroundings, including the traffic head-on, and in neighboring lanes. If by chance, you nod off and accidentally drift into the other lane, a warning signal will pop up on your dashboard. You will also hear an alarm sound and feel your steering wheel and seat vibrate. The vibrations and noise are indicators that your lane departure system has been activated. If you fail to respond in time, the LKA feature will gently bring you back to the center of your lane. Once you’ve turned your steering wheel, the LKA will be canceled.

In the event that the road in Kinston is covered by fog, leaves, debris, or snow, the LKA feature may not work effectively. In addition, the LKA feature relies on the lane markings to work. If the markers are covered, faded, overly complicated, or in disrepair, the LKA will not work.

You can test drive any Kia car and try out the Lane Keeping Assist feature in a number of Kia dealerships in NC. If you’re wondering, “is there a good Kia dealer near me?”, drop by the Deacon Jones Kia dealership in Goldsboro, NC, for the best experience. The dealership also serves residents from Greenville, Kinston, and Rocky Mount. 

Source: Kia