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Kia is company that cares deeply about the outside world around them, and this is a big reason why we are Kia people here at Deacon Jones Kia in Goldsboro, NC. Through their efforts, they are impacting the world around them by leveraging their platform and level of influence for the greater good. When you buy from Kia here at Deacon Jones Kia in Goldsboro, NC, you are contributing to their efforts for a better world. Stop by Deacon Jones Kia in Goldsboro, NC today and test drive the Kia lineup and drive your new vehicle home!

The folks at Kia understand the importance for education, which is why they have partnered with, an organization dedicated to helping the American public school system. What makes unique is that they allow the teachers and leaders within the educational system to tell the organization where their heaviest needs are, so that donor’s contributions are immediately able to make an impact. So fear not, when you contribute to Kia, you are contributing to the wellbeing of the American public school system.

Another way Kia has given back to the community is by partnering with B.R.A.K.E.S (Be Responsible and Keep Everyone Safe), a teen pro-active driving school. Kia provides teens and parents free defensive driving training, contributing to a safer community. Kia understands the responsibility that comes with owning a vehicle and being able to drive, and prioritizes promoting safe, defensive driving amongst teens and others learning to drive. The amount of road-related deaths is staggering every year, and the folks at Kia are passionate about helping foster the safest techniques for safer roads, period.

Kia also understands the need for sustainability and a greener planet, utilizing best practice to preserve this planet and keep it safe for generations to come. This is why they have partnered with the Ecology Center in Orange County, CA - a center for tangible, practice eco education. Kia understands that everyone playing their part over time will collectively make a greener planet, which why they prioritize this partnership. The techniques taught in these centers are extremely communal in aspect - meaning that each household can make a difference. When you partner with Kia, you are partnering for a greener planet.

Finally, Kia wants its commitment to you to be made known. They understand that you, the people, are the ones who keep this company alive, and they are forever grateful. Kia recognizes and cherishes the value of diversity, and wishes to celebrate the ways that each and every culture can enrich each other. Kia is a global car manufacturer, and is always seeking ways to create and maintain an all inclusive environment. Why not partner with a company that cherishes you? Stop by Deacon Jones Kia in Goldsboro, NC and test drive your new Kia vehicle - when you do, you are playing a vital role in the betterment of communities across the globe.

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