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You may like your Kia to work in its best condition ever. With regular car servicing, you can get the brakes, transmission, engine, and everything else checked, but AC remains the most often neglected thing. Whenever you visit our Goldsboro, NC Deacon Jones Kia Service dealership, don’t forget to check if your Kia’s AC is working in its optimal condition. Our dealership serves the cities of Greenville, Kinston, and Rocky Mount.

Has Your AC Failed?

The lack of cold air in the cabin is perhaps the most obvious way to detect a failed AC. There may be other subtle problems with your AC that may not be easily detected, but there are indications to let you know your AC is not working properly. An unusually loud compressor, condensing water visible in the cabin, and a leaking refrigerant are all telltale signs to indicate that your AC is not running optimally. Deacon Jones Kia service is your ultimate destination if you have the slightest suspicion that your Kia AC needs repair.

Kia AC

Your car AC works on the same principle as your home AC. It doesn’t cool the air but removes the heat and moisture in the air.

Deacon Jones Kia will do a performance check to let you know whether your Kia AC system has enough lubricant and refrigerant to ensure compressor failure doesn’t occur. It is often noticed that the AC problem initially begins with minor problems, but when neglected, it grows bigger, leading to excessive expenses in repair. Simple problems like leaks and blockages with dust particles can be detected easily, and these problems can be fixed without involving excessive expenses to give your Kia AC the long life it deserves.

Air conditioning performance check should be included in the essential to-do things in your Kia maintenance schedule. When you schedule your visit with Deacon Jones Kia, please do not forget to ask for an AC performance check to prevent the compressor failure. It is the most expensive part of your AC to repair or replace.

If you would like to know more about the features of the Kia AC, or if you would like to enquire about Kia models and test drive any vehicle, head over to our Deacon Jones Kia Service dealership in Goldsboro, NC, today. 

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