What is the Used Car Fuel Economy Label?

Choosing a used car that offers impressive fuel economy can be difficult because there often exists no reliable information on it.

A Fuel Economy Label can make your search easier now. This Label can help you choose a used vehicle that gives maximum fuel efficiency and helps you save money on your gas bills.

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More About Used Car Fuel Economy Label

Used cars are preferred by consumers as they offer an affordable alternative to owning an expensive new vehicle. But till now, consumers have had no reliable information regarding the fuel efficiency or the gas mileage that used cars can offer in real-time.

The Fuel Economy Label is a tool released by FuelEconomy.gov. It gives consumers information about the gas mileage of different used cars that are up for sales. Consumers can compare the information provided by the Label and choose a vehicle that offers the best gas mileage.

How is the Label Created?

The Label tool makes use of an extensive government database featuring information of vehicles that were sold across America since 1984 (model year).

Used car sellers looking to create the Label need to specify the model, year and make of their vehicle using the above database. The interactive tool then creates a label that looks similar to the label seen on new cars.

Information Provided by the Fuel Economy Label

Fuel economy details as estimated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Gas mileage details for both highway and city driving are provided.

  • Amount of fuel - represented by the number of gallons – consumed to cover a distance of 100 miles
  • An estimation of the number of greenhouse emissions of the vehicle
  • Fuel type needed for the vehicle
  • Vehicle engine and transmission system details

The information provided by the Label is based on estimates derived from the vehicle’s gas mileage data from the time when it was new. Gas mileage data does not usually vary for approximately 15 years if the vehicle has been well-maintained. So, the past estimates used for calculation offer reliable results.

How can Sellers Use the Label?

Sellers can take a print of the Label and display it on their used car.

They can download the label in a graphic file format and embed it in their online advertisements.

29% of people looking to buy a vehicle rate fuel efficiency as a significant factor that influences their purchase decision. Fuel Economy Label empowers buyers with reliable information and enables them to make an informed purchase decision. The Label serves as a genuine and attractive marketing tool for sellers.

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Source: Edmunds