Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Kia

Kia has a certified pre-owned program (CPO) under which you can enjoy driving a Kia vehicle you have always dreamt of. Under the Deacon Jones pre-owned Kia program, you can get attractive Kia lease deals that let you get used Kia vehicles. These vehicles undergo thorough inspections and require the meeting of certain prerequisites to become certified. 

The program provides a warranty that extends the powertrain coverage to a period of ten years or 100,000 miles. This marks an increase of over 60,000 miles or five years that typically entail general Kia lease deals for used cars. You also get a bumper-to-bumper coverage of one year or 12,000 miles, and the cherry on the cake is that the warranty is fully transferable. Also, you can get special finance rates on occasions, along with just a USD$50 as deductible per visit. 

When you go for Deacon Jones used cars under the program, you get the peace of mind to enjoy your beloved Kia car mile after mile. You get the assurance that you have invested in a used vehicle that conforms to superior quality standards. Here’s a rundown of a few other benefits that you get by opting for these Kia lease deals:

Newer Kia models: The Deacon Jones pre-owned Kia program gives you vehicles that are five years old or maybe newer. These cars have usually run 60,000 miles or less. Also, you get a CARFAX car history report free of cost under the program.

Roadside assistance: The Kia certified pre-owned program (CPO) provides round-the-clock roadside assistance, along with a plan that includes unlimited mileage assistance for ten years.

Lease coverage: The program gives you attractive Kia lease deals that entail a cost of USD$35 per day for ten days in case you experience a mechanical breakdown. You also get this coverage if you are repairing your car under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Towing coverage: In case your vehicle breaks down beyond 100 miles from your residence, you get a reimbursement of up to USD$100 per day with a maximum of USD$500 per occurrence for accommodation and food. Also, you get a towing coverage of USD$75 in case you experience a mechanical breakdown.

If you wish to know more about these Kia lease deals or get Deacon Jones used cars, you can visit Deacon Jones Kia Goldsboro, NC. We also serve customers in Greenville, Kinston, and Rocky Mount.

Source: Kia