Signs That You May Need To Change Your Oil

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Signs That You May Need To Change Your Oil

When it comes to Kia cars in Goldsboro, it is important that you check your oil regularly. If you want your vehicle to remain in pristine condition, getting an oil replenishment regularly would be a good start. It’s the most fundamental thing you can do to take care of such a valuable possession.

New Kia cars only require an oil change every 4,000 to 6,000 miles. However, this doesn’t excuse you from doing your part and checking the condition of the essential fluid regularly. Clean oil helps a lot in ensuring that everything runs smoothly and as it should while you’re out driving your vehicle. Here are a few signs for when your oil needs to be changed.

1. The oil looks black and gritty
That’s not a very pretty picture. Remember the color of fresh oil. It’s usually a honey brown. If it’s a little darker after a few weeks, this is no cause for concern. But when you start noticing foreign, black particles mixed with the dark liquid, it’s time to get an oil change immediately.

2. Your engine is loud
By now, you probably know the sound of your engine. Without adequate lubrication, the engine’s machinery starts rubbing and grinding against each other. You can almost feel the friction from within your car. When you hear such unpleasant noises, it’s time you get your oil topped off.

3. ‘check engine’ light is constantly on
If you own a Kia that has an oil gauge, you should get your engine looked at by your nearest service station without delay. If the light doesn’t turn off and continues to be on, no matter what you do, visit a mechanic immediately.

4. Your acceleration is slow
Oil aids in easy acceleration by keeping all the working parts of your car lubricated. If your oil is dirty, it can’t offer optimal lubrication, leading to a decrease in performance. Without lubrication, your engine will be sluggish and slow. If you’re experiencing this, an immediate oil change is recommended.

Other signs you might want to watch out for are ticking noises and knocking sounds coming from the engine. The oil is what keeps all the parts in your engine working smoothly. Make sure you check it regularly for maximum performance.

Source: Kia