Simple Tips for Protecting Your KIA in the Summer


Simple Tips for Protecting Your KIA in the Summer

Summer is a time for fun and adventure when you let go of your responsibilities and just soak up the sun. So while you’re busy enjoying the sunny days, it’s no surprise that you may forget to pay attention to your KIA.

A car is a complex machine that needs to be taken care of like any other piece of machinery for it to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. So make sure you follow these tips to take care of KIA cars in Goldsboro in summer.

• Make sure you have the right tyre pressure Many drivers forget to check their tyre pressures, and some don’t even know the recommended pressure levels. If your car tyre does not have the right pressure, it can get damaged easier during the summer. If you are driving on a poor road, your tyres may even burst. Make sure to adjust your tyre pressure accordingly.

• Have your AC unit checked Your KIA’s AC unit will be heavily used during the summer, which means you need to ensure that it is in perfect condition. Apart from making sure it’s clean and dust-free, you need to check for leaks and top up the compressor oil regularly. It’s best to have a technician check your AC unit.

• Don’t forget to check your engine oil levels Summer can be particularly harsh on your engine oil, so always make sure that your KIA has the right level of the right oil. It is suggested that, for the best results, you drain your engine oil and instead use a more heat-resistant grade. This will help reduce wear and tear and also makes sure that the viscosity is retained.

• Polish your care before the heat hits A coat of quality polish not only enhances the physical appearance of your KIA, but it also acts as a protective shield for your car against the heat. When you use a good polish, it can definitely go a long way in protecting the car paint from excessive heating as the wax reflects a great portion of the heat from the sun.

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