5 drive modes of Kia Stinger – How do you like to roll?

Drive modes in vehicles are often fixed, which means it may be suited for high performance, but not necessarily for all roads. With the Drive Mode Select option available on the Kia Stinger, you can adjust the steering response for smooth performance on the roads of Greenville, Kinston, and Rocky Mount.

You can now just adjust the gearbox response, steering weight, and engine at the click of a button to customize the steering feel in your Kia Stinger. You have five different driving modes to choose from that are guaranteed to give you a great experience no matter what the condition of the road is. 

Sport Mode

Using Sport Mode, you can enjoy greater responsiveness and performance at higher speeds with improved handling and control, especially on the highway. For car enthusiasts whose priority is vehicle performance, this is the right mode to choose, offering a heavier feel to the steering, a sporty paddle-shift gearbox transition, and quicker throttle response. 

You’re also protected from traction loss while you benefit from the rear-wheel-drive balance from the electronic safety nets of the Kia Stinger. For an even more responsive drive mode, the Sport+ Mode, currently available only in the European market, facilitates a better driving experience. 

Comfort Mode

The default mode, best suited for daily driving in the city, is the Comfort setting, which gives drivers a smoother feel of suspension while minimizing steering effort for lighter handling. There’s good self-centering that weighs the steering with accuracy and linearity.

Eco Mode

Drive economically while staying eco-friendly with the help of the Eco mode on the Kia Stinger. This option maximizes fuel economy through the adjustment of engine and transaxle operating parameters. Although the power output is lower, the Eco mode has better gas mileage for city and highway driving. 

Smart Mode

With the Smart mode, you can keep track of your driving and get the right balance between fuel economy, smooth operation, and performance, as this mode anticipates your steering preferences and adjusts modes based on road conditions and style of driving, switching between Sport, Eco, and Comfort. 

Custom Mode

With the Custom mode, you get to tailor the drive-by altering steering characteristics, suspension, and throttle based on your preferences. You get the benefit of better performance when you need it while also meeting your daily driving desires. 

Source: Deacon Jones Kia